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Natural Moldavite Green Aerolites Crystal Energy Stone Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver

Moldavite is a high-vibration healing crystal. It resonates with energies that go above and beyond the earthly planes. Most people feel a strong tingling sensation just by holding Moldavite in the hand. That makes your Moldavite piece ideal for meditation.

Moldavite will help you raise your own vibration so you can rise above the daily grind and be in touch with your spirit group. This green tektite will put you in touch with your spirit guides, guardian angels, and higher self.
Because Moldavite is star-born, it is a perfect choice for astral travel. Astral traveling is when your physical body stays in place but your energy body travels out. Let Moldavite take you around the world, and even up above.
Moldavite will free your mind and encourage you to explore alternate realities. It is ideal for channeling masters and beings from beyond.



Moldavite is believed to encourage a huge rush of energy when held during a healing meditation or session. Rather than healing individual conditions, the energies of Moldavite work to make us aware of the underlying or root causes of physical discomfort. We are then able to address the emotional imbalances that may be responsible and begin to allow the body to heal as a result.


This stone is often called a “new age” stone because of its extra-terrestrial origins. When it comes to mental and emotional health, moldavite is especially powerful when used to heal the Heart chakra. Its vibration can clear any blockages we may have in our heart center, whether these are caused by trauma, abuse, or deep-rooted childhood experiences around love.

Moldavite is good for unresolved issues of anger and resentment and its vibration can begin to shift these emotions into a more accessible part of our awareness so that we can release them safely, for the benefit of ourselves and others.


Moldavite has a strong vibrational frequency for attracting abundance, including money. To use it in this way, combine it in a healing grid or mandala for manifesting wealth and leave it up for 7 days. Each day, meditate with the pattern and set your firm, clear intentions to heal your financial life. When you dismantle the mandala remember to give thanks for all the abundance you already have in your life.


To attract an abundance of love into your life wear moldavite near to your heart center. Moldavite has been used since the Stone Age as a good luck talisman for good fortune and fertility.


Weight: 0.1 - 0.2 grams