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Nebula Cosmic Handmade Galaxy Glass Pendant

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A celestial edict in a crystal-clear shade of deep blue, our Nebula glass sphere necklace is truly cosmic. Handcrafted to show off the night sky’s endless starry mysteries, this vintage-inspired jewelry piece will cast an imaginative and inviting glow on you every day—enveloped by nothing more than your own stellar imagination.

Product description: Curated with astute curatorial sensibilities and poetic patterning perfect for highlighting a particular moment in space or time, this pendant hails from our Starlight Collection where you can find out more about some of the universe’s most luminous objects. Bringing them down to earth (or should we say up close) thanks to these sterling silver accents like constellation markers or sparkling.

Get a piece of outer space in your wardrobe with this unique design glass universe ball nebula pendant, available in unique colors and designs. This handcrafted glass pendant features sparkling crystals that glimmer when the light hits them and is sure to make you feel like royalty as you confidently imbue it with your own stardust.

This beautiful Nebula Cosmic Handmade Galaxy Glass Pendant comes with Rope Necklace. Perfect for your wearing or for that special person in your life! The wearer is bound to love it and get loads of appreciation!

For this Nebula Cosmic Handmade Galaxy Glass Pendant, we tried getting the is an interstellar cloud of dust and the idea was to store it in this glass. But we thought the cosmic hydrogen, helium, and other ionized gases may not be very well suited for everyone :)

So, instead of diffusing any astronomical object, including those from galaxies beyond the Milky Way, we made it something that gives it true meaning for you and something that could really matter to you and so this beautiful handmade creation and that is Nebula Cosmic Handmade Galaxy Glass Pendant.

If you are devastated by negative circumstances beyond your control, this Nebula Cosmic Handmade Galaxy Glass Pendant can stop that. It promotes creativity that will help you think out of the box to overcome barricades.

Motivation is essential when trying to fulfill your desires which this necklace is excellent at providing. A pendant with cosmic symbolism is the perfect tool to take the step towards a happy life.

Connected to the highest cosmic vibrations, Nebula Cosmic Handmade Galaxy Glass Pendant promotes a balanced and mindful connection between your body and soul. Allow yourself to live a life free from anxiety and stress!


Pendant Size is 2.5 centimeters/1 inch

Chain Length (wearable) is 35 centimeters/ 14 inches

Pendant Material is Glass

The total weight is about 15 grams/0.55 oz

Chain Type is Rope Chain

A wooden bead is there to adjust the length of the necklace