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Beverly Druzy Cuff Quartz Bracelet Rose Gold White

Druzy Cuff Quartz Bracelet

Simply stunning! Your wrists will get noticed. That's a guarantee.

Our Agate Collection is a truly breathtaking agate, a one-of-a-kind stone formed from layers of quartz, linked to larvikite rose quartz.

- Agate is an open and receptive stone, the perfect companion for rose quartz to create a harmonious healing environment. It soothes emotions, balances moods, and dispels negativity bringing peace of mind to your home or workspace.

- Larvikite rose quartz has been polished until it shines bright like a beautiful rose after which this stone was named in 1891 by Morten Thrane Esmark from Norway’s Larvik area where large deposits were discovered at that time. He described its color as "a delicate rose pink." This type of rose Quartz can be found also in India, Madagascar, and Brazil but not all have the same vivid colors; instead, they are found with shades ranging from light white to pink stone beads. Each agate stone is unique and its story is told in a variety of chalcedony patterns. We love to stack these with other bracelets to really bring it all together.