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Natural Amethyst String Braided Macrame Bracelets

Metal Color

Amethyst Charm Bracelets Gemstone Jewelry

Natural Stone Charm Bracelets Amethysts String Braided Macrame Bracelets Bracelet


This wonderful, versatile crystal has many benefits for the physical body. It is said to balance the production of hormones and the endocrine system as well as giving a welcome boost to the immune system. It can reduce headaches and release tension, soothe bruises and treat hearing disorders. It is also known for its soothing effect on the digestive system and for encouraging efficient absorption of water.


Amethyst can bring comfort and healing to anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. At a subtle level, amethyst acts to integrate the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies, thus enabling us to access the wisdom of the Universe when dealing with our emotional traumas. It provides insight into the causes of emotional discomfort as well as acting to cleanse the spiritual body of negative influences. 


The strong responses of the vibrations of amethyst mean that this versatile stone holds our intentions and wishes when we charge it with a clear and positive message. Carry or wear amethyst if you need to call in funds to deal with an unexpected bill or expense. 


The abundance qualities of amethyst extend to relationships and love of all kinds. It will help you to be clear about what you are seeking in a relationship and to see how a difficult relationship with a loved one can eased. The powerfully protective nature of amethyst makes it a lucky stone to have with you at all times.


Product Type: Natural Stone Bangles Bracelets Wrap Bracelet Couples Beads Jewelry

Material: Amethyst

Cord Making Technics: Full Handmade

Size: Around 6.7 inches and adjustable;

Product condition: 100% New