4 Charming Ways To Style Your Favorite Charm Bracelets

4 Charming Ways To Style Your Favorite Charm Bracelets

Charms have been worn since the earliest days of men. Little bits of stones, shells and even animal bones were used as talismans against all things bad and evil and even mementos of happy times. And when you put together a few charms, you get charm bracelets. Once a mainstay of the fashion of the 50s and 60s, charm bracelets have made a comeback in the recent years, with a slew of stunning designs released by high fashion brands such as Fendi as well as jewelry brands like Pandora. Don’t worry. There are affordable options too, like Dilibeads’ collection of stackable beaded bracelets. They are beautiful and incredibly versatile. Here are a few ways in which you can style charm bracelets to match your outfits:

  • Mix and match

If you are someone who likes to experiment with your style, you can experiment with your stack of charm bracelets too by teaming pieces in different materials and metals. For instance, mix your metals with beads for a fun way to make a statement. Whether you wear them on one wrist or on both, mixing and matching will help you create a stylish and varied look that make you stand out. You can play around with different textures too, like by wearing your metal bracelets with a leather strapped watch.

  • Choose the right charms

You can take your pick from an assortment of charms, so it is crucial that you know how to pick the right ones. You can either stick to a theme or mix charms that hold a special meaning for you. At Dilibeads, we offer stackable bracelets in an array of themes that make it easier for you to choose according to your personal style or need. You can choose from our Chakra charm bracelets, Texas Love charm bracelets, beaded bracelets and more.

  • Stick to one metal

The trick to nailing that single metal look is to play around with different styles, textures, shapes and even colors. You can create an interesting visual play by stacking numerous bracelets with an assortment of charms that are still tied together by their base metal. You can either go with silver, gold or rose gold. Choose sparkling charms to add a bright pop to the whole look. You can also choose a dangling charm to create some movement.

  • Avoid adding other accessories or jewelry

When you wear charm bracelets, avoid adding too many other accessories or other jewelry like rings as that can easily turn overly blingy. Wearing only your bracelets will make them the star of your look, allowing them to shine through and making for a more elegant appeal. You can also let them do all the talking by wearing them with a simple outfit, preferably in a basic or neutral color palette.

Charm bracelets, including beaded stack bracelets, are a versatile jewelry that can be worn with a range of different outfits. And if you still don’t own a few, check out Dilibeads for a selection of elegant stackable beaded bracelets that are available at unmissable prices.

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