Social Soul

Sometimes kids do things, that make you feel so proud and accomplished. Once that happened to us when our daughter Aanya told us that she wanted no presents for herself on her 4th birthday. Instead, she wanted all the presents to go to kids that did not often got anything on their birthdays or whose parents cannot afford to celebrate birthday parties. The following year, she decided to use her piggy bank funds to buy presents for underprivileged kids. She thought Santa is not able to find the way to their homes, so she needs to step up and be the elf.

One day, at her Kindergarten school assembly, we were told that a part of school funding from the Government was going to go away. My wife and I decided to team up with Aanya and told her that if she learns to make beautiful artwork, we can put her artwork on clothes and with the profits from sales, we can help out her school. I was confident that little Aanya will want to help out in any possible way. She agreed. Finally, in the summer of 2018, Dilibeads was born with a vision to support our schools.

Funding of K-12 schools map

We as parents, want to support our schools in whichever possible way. We think it is a great way of teaching our kids' real values in life. Values that matter the most. After all, we all want to make the world a better, happier place. Safe educational environment and education of the highest standards will only help us in improving the quality of life for our future generations. This way, kids also learn that they themselves are capable of helping out their schools and fellows. No contribution can be too small. Ever. We need an idea, and people to support. Dilibeads is born with an idea of making contributions up to 10% of the profits towards schools and ISDs across the nation. With Aanya's kind heart intentions, we hope to help our schools in making them safer and in providing the highest quality standards for the future generations of our great nation.

Schools in the USA

Aanya never ceases to amaze us with her visionary ideas to help society. She wants to help her grandma in teaching and helping underprivileged kids across the world. What could be better than the gift of time? We live in a world where still a lot of work needs to be done to achieve 100% literacy rate. We hope that there are many more kids who share Aanya's vision to help us out in improving our situation. This is our responsibility. We think that there are people in the world that are already doing good for the society. We just need to support them and help in whichever way possible.

Seema teaching music, song, meditation, English to underprivileged children in Delhi

So, here we share Dilibeads with the world. Bringing child artwork to life and making life better for more around us. Don't forget that with every purchase, you are making a big contribution to the world around you. This is good karma. Apparel is only an inexpensive means to make us feel better by contributing our part of kindness to this world.

We thank you for taking time in reading about our vision. We look forward to your support in our mission.