About Us

Who are we?

We are parents (just like you) bringing smiles to their kids' faces with apparel that they love wearing to school every day!

We are good humans trying to bring out hidden talents and creativity in kids.

We are people that want to do some good in the world.

Our products?

Our apparel is for the kids and apparel designs are inspired by real artwork from kids of different ages. These reflect their ideas and creativity and their perception of this beautiful world. Believe us, the kids' world is so perfect. We thought of transferring their creativity from paper to apparel. And it looks great. It reflects their creativity and their innocence. This makes our product unique. Unlike off the shelf t-shirts that print designs from professional designers, we take pride in saying that our designs are from real kids.


We like our feet grounded. The touch of mother earth feels great to us. We operate this online business with a vision of doing our share of good in the world. That's by being a good parent, partner, and giver. We come from humble backgrounds and work hard to add more smiling faces to this world!

How to contact us?

We love to hear and make friends. Please drop us a line at customersupport@dilibeads.com