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July 18, 2018

It all started when my 6 years old made a drawing. This was so catchy that I couldn't resist asking her about it. She had put her favorite edible things on a piece of paper. These were, orange, blueberry, chili pepper (not sure why:)), banana, cupcake, cherry, chocolate bar, chocolate chip cookie, candy cane, more chocolate, ice cream, gum, and grapes. She titled the artwork "Everything you need for food". It made me burst into laughter. She got mad at that and said: "dad, what's so funny?" I asked her if those were all the things she could eat to survive? Her answer was a strong YES!
It is amazing how kids think. Just to surprise her, I put her artwork on a t-shirt and ordered the print. Now she can't wait for the t-shirt to arrive and wear this funny piece of artwork. This is such a fun age. Literally! It is just a great feeling for me to see a 6-year-old putting her innocent mind to paper and creating something so catchy. I am sharing this simple, funny and of course full of innocence artwork here for your viewing!
I just get this indescribable feeling of happiness when I see kids' creativity and talk to them about their thoughts and how they came up with those thoughts and ideas. Makes me appreciate life so much more
I was talking to my mom about this episode and sharing the drawing with her. My mom, who teaches underprivileged kids in India for free, shared some creations from her students. My eyes remained wide open. Some of the kids displayed unbelievable talents. I think I decided to make this a mission to not let such creativity die in a corner, but to bring it out to the world.
Dilibeads is born with a mission to share such innocence and creativity with the world and to give back to the society!